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Selling Cheap Window Trellis

We, Karya Rahayu, manufacturers and suppliers who sell window trellis at the cheapest price, the most complete choice for your building needs. We provide types of window trellis which are for the protection of a window from various undesirable things in an effort to protect the security of buildings and their occupants. Window trellis will be needed especially on some types of wide block glass or some types of window glass that are vulnerable and very easy to open from the outside. Aside from being a safety, trellis windows also function as ornaments that can add beauty to the appearance of the building. In addition to windows, trellis can also be installed for the door of the house, as a safety factor as well so that the layers of the door and walls of the house become more and more strong. Buy window trellis at low prices now through us for your building needs.